Comment diminuer les chargements

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Comment diminuer les chargements

Messagepar rico » Mar Nov 03, 2009 6:31 pm

Voici une astuce provenant du forum officiel.
Pour résumer comme c'est en anglais ^^

Il s'agit d'extraire les fichiers/dossiers du original, de recompresser les fichiers avec l'outil de compression fourni avec windows.

De faire une backup du zip original et le tour est jouer, gros gain de performances.

Pour rappel voilà comment on procède pour la compression via outil Windows :

ISAWHIM a écrit:I have found an absolute resolution to ONE form of loading slowdown, on SOME computers.
(Tested on three separate computers with the same result. XP-Home and XP-Pro both with SP3.)

Results: Initial game loading time initially went from 56 seconds to under 20 seconds. First time level loading went from 36 seconds to under 12 seconds. Previously visited levels loaded in under 8 seconds. Exiting the game was instant, and windows did not sit there frozen for 30 seconds after exiting, while the game deleted all the virtual-files.

I do not suggest that you you attempt this unless you can clearly follow the directions.

The underlying issue:
- The entire game data is ZIPPED into a large zip file. (Seems uncompressed, as it is roughly the same size as the uncompressed data.)
- There is an issue with the compressed folder/file, which windows does not seem to like. (You can confirm this simply by trying to look inside the zip. Being uncompressed, it should be opened instantly, but there is serious initial opening lag delay. Due in part to the over-sized zip file size.)
- This is causing huge delays initially loading the game, and some undesired delays between screens and levels.

Instructions tell you how to keep the original file in question. Do not delete the original file, you will just rename it for now.

- Go to the programs folder. ("C:\Program Files\Torchlight")
- You need to unzip the "" contents. (Windows will unzip to a folder called "Pak", inside the game folder.)
- Now, you have to enter the "Pak" folder, and "Right-Mouse Click" the "media" FOLDER. Select "SEND TO" and then "Compressed (Zipped) Folder".
-This creates a ZIP FILE called, which has the folder and the contents of the "media" FOLDER inside the zipped file.
- ReName this "" to "".
- Now select that file with the "Right-Mouse button", and then select "CUT". or (CTRL+X)
- Go back into the "Torchlight" folder and rename the original "" to the name, "".
- Now you can PASTE the copied file into this folder. or (CTRL+V)
- You can delete the uncompressed folder once you have moved the zip file into the location of the original zip file.

NOTES: The compressed zip file is half the size of the other PAK file. This also seems easier for windows to read into memory and extract, as this is windows native compression codex for ZIP. I suspect the other ZIP is compatible, but not a native windows ZIP compression. All ZIP files are not the same. They make zips that are simply compatible for extraction, but they are not always fast, or good. I would guess they are using a non-windows zipping tool. They should be using windows native internal ZIP functions. (Placing anything into a compressed zip-folder makes it zipped. A nice feature since Windows 98se, that few people even realized was possible. No-one ever needed win-zip, it was a windows core function.)

Seems that the game simply reads the data directly from the zip, as if it were a folder now, as opposed to uploading it all into RAM and virtual-memory, so it can translate it into a series of data that windows file-system can comprehend. I also see less memory being used by the game, and the frame-rate seems more constant for me. (Went from 23.5FPS to 42.5FPS average, except for the skeleton-delay when smashing containers now. All seems fine. Little to no regular interval lag.)
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